From The Desk Of Alice In Chains: Matchless C-30 Amplifier

November 21 2013

The Matchless C-30 is without a doubt one of the greatest guitar amplifiers ever created. Upon its debut in 1992, with its flawless design and impeccable handcrafted construction, the C-30 spearheaded a movement, virtually creating the boutique amp market that’s flourished over the last two decades.


Billy Duffy talks about his DC-30

November 21 2013

“I’m a big fan of Matchless. Their amps were introduced to me by Bob Rock when I was recording ‘Sonic Temple’. At that time, though working with other bands, Bob had discovered this amp builder in Los Angeles who created one of the first bespoke ‘Boutique’ amps…”

Thunderman bass amp wins the PremierGuitar Premier Gear award

November 20 2013

We’re very excited that the Thunderman bass amp has just won the PremierGuitar Premier Gear award! Read the review by Jordan Wagner and listen to the sound clip.