15 Watts and Under

Which 15 watt Matchless amp is best suited for you?

All three amplifiers share the same power section of one 5AR4/GZ34 and a matched pair of EL84/6BQ5’s. While all three amps have commonalities in tone, each one has a distinct voice and subsequently different characteristics that set each other apart. This is where it’s essential to know which one is the "best tool for the job".

Here is a breakdown of the distinguishing characteristics of each amp.

Lightning 15

For versatility and trueness in clarity

Based on the DC30’s Channel 1 Top Boost circuit with interactive tone controls of Bass and Treble. Driven by two 12AX7’s, one for the Input Stage and the other is a "cathode follower" for Tone.

The Lightning epitomizes the classic EL84 "British Sound". Much more scooped in the midrange than the Spitfire and Nighthawk, you will quickly see how well it sits in the mix against other instruments. Its clarity and voicing will slice through everything else, making your presence known.

See the Lightning 15

Nighthawk 15

For more aggressive attack

Based on the DC30’s Channel 2. The Preamp is driven by one EF86/6267 tube and its tone is custom tailored by a 6 position rotary switch that will adjust its tonal frequency from thin to fat.

Driven by the more aggressive EF86/6267 circuit and a Six Position rotary Tone Selector, the Nighthawk will deliver amazing, delicate clean sounds and can also turn into an all-out blazing rock amp.

See the Nghthawk 15

Spitfire 15

For creamy mid-range

Simplistic in design but with a wide range of function and tone. Driven by one 12AX7, its sound is adjustable with a Volume and Tone control knob.

The creamy tone of the Spitfire perfectly galvanizes the bridge pickup sound for both classic and modern rock sounds. The easy to dial controls and minimalist foundation makes it perfect for Jazz, Blues, Chord Melody, Country picking, and Rock.

See the Spitfire 15

Each of the 15 watt amps are often used in settings where driving the amp hard is desired without using large amounts of volume. They are perfect for recording, rehearsals, live concerts performed in small and large venues, and worship band settings. Virtually, anytime a good solid foundation is relied upon while using elaborate pedal board configurations and volume control is essential.

Reverb is optional on each amp which will add an ambient three dimensional sound without detracting from tone or clarity.

All Reverb circuits are driven by two additional 12AX7s and a long 2 spring reverb tank. Reverb is only offered in the combo form. Amps without reverb are offered in Head format as well as combo.